Dated Released : 17 December 1999
Quality : DVDRip -x264
Info :
Lihat : Trailer
Starring : Robin Williams, Embeth Davidtz, Sam Neill
Genre : Drama | Family | Fantasy | Romance | Sci-Fi


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The NDR series robot “Andrew” (Robin Williams) is introduced in 2005 into the Martin family home to perform housekeeping and maintenance duties. The family’s reactions range from acceptance and curiosity to outright rejection and deliberate vandalism by their surly older daughter, Grace (Lindze Letherman), which leads to the discovery that Andrew can both identify emotions and reciprocate in kind. When Andrew accidentally breaks a figurine belonging to “Little Miss” Amanda (Hallie Kate Eisenberg), he carves a replacement out of wood. The family is astonished by this creativity and “Sir” Richard Martin (Sam Neill) takes Andrew to his manufacturer, to inquire if all the robots are like him. The CEO of the company sees this development as a problem and wishes to scrap Andrew. Angered, Martin takes Andrew home and allows him to pursue his own development, encouraging Andrew to educate himself in the humanities.

Years later, following an accident in which his thumb is accidentally cut off, Martin again takes Andrew to NorthAm Robotics for repairs, ensuring first that Andrew’s personality will remain unharmed. Andrew requests that while he is being repaired his face be altered to convey the emotions he feels but cannot fully express.

After the wedding of Little Miss he realizes there is no more orders for him to run. Andrew eventually asks for his freedom, much to Martin’s dismay. He grants the request, but banishes Andrew so he can be ‘completely’ free. Andrew builds himself a home and lives alone. In 2048, Andrew sees Martin one last time on his deathbed. Martin apologizes for banishing him as he silently says his goodbye to Andrew and Andrew states it was an honour serving him.

Andrew goes on a quest to locate more NDR series robots to discover if others have also developed sentience. After years of failure he finds Galatea (Kiersten Warren), an NDR robot that has been given feminine attributes and personality. These however are simply aspects of her programming and not something which she developed as with Andrew. Galatea is owned by Rupert Burns (Oliver Platt), son of the original NDR robot designer. Burns works to create a more human look for robots, but is unable to attract funding. Andrew agrees to finance the research and the two join forces to revolutionize robotics. Andrew designs new prosthetic organs for the robots which can be used in humans. He maintains contact with Little Miss, who grows up, marries and divorces. Andrew eventually comes back to greet Little Miss but it is actually her granddaughter Portia and a somewhat confused Little Miss notices it is Andrew and explains it has been 20 full years. Eventually, Andrew becomes human enough to fall in love with Portia (both played by Embeth Davidtz), and ultimately she with him.


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