Wicked Lake (2010)

 Size:720 MB |
Language: English |
Subtitles: N\a
Genre: Horror|
Director:Zach Passero|
Starring: Carlee Baker – ichael Esparza – Eryn Joslyn
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As a longtime aficionado of horror cinema, I’ve spent countless hours trudging through some pretty awful horror movies in my personal quest to find films that are truly tasty. Sadly, WICKED LAKE is not something I’d recommend to the horror gourmet. True, it is not the worst horror film I’ve ever experienced, but it comes close enough that it took me several minutes to dredge up from memory the few titles that actually made me gag more. Oddly enough, the film has many of the ingredients needed to cook up a pretty entertaining contemporary horror flick–a few decent actors, lots of grue and gore, a bizarre and eclectic musical score, and copious T&A shots. Unfortunately, what is ultimately served up under the moniker WICKED LAKE is only half-baked…and almost totally unpalatable.

With so many yummy horror-film ingredients, why did these filmmakers cook up such an unappetizing dish? Well, the primary reason that WICKED LAKE falls flat is the script by Adam Rockoff and Chris Sivertson. Just stirring in a lot of nudity and bloody violence isn’t enough to generate a delicious horror story, especially if your characters–the primary ingredients of good storytelling–are flavorless, one-dimensional, and wholly unbelievable. But alas, the characters created by Rockoff and Sivertson are simply a mixture of social stereotypes–cardboard-cutout femme fatales and cliche rednecks make up the bulk–and there is little (if anything) in the story that plausibly motivates any of them. Indeed, the only things kneading the plot forward are lots of scenes with nudity and simulated girl-on-girl sex, which leads me to conclude that Rockoff and Siverston lifted most of the recipe for this script right out of some old direct-to-video porn films.

To be fair, I must admit that WICKED LAKE is a dish that is not totally devoid of flavor. The weird but enjoyable musical soundtrack includes some groovy 1960s-like sitar passages, and there are a few cool rock-and-roll songs peppered throughout (the industrial-rock covers of Golden Earring’s RADAR LOVE and Louis Armstrong’s IT’S A WONDERFUL WORLD are especially interesting). As mentioned before, lots of female nudity has been whipped into the mix, and director Zach Passero tries to add some subtle seasoning here and there with interesting camera work and a clever use of special FX. In the end, however, WICKED LAKE does little more than leave a nasty taste in the viewer’s mouth. If you truly hunger for a good horror film, you’d better dine elsewhere.

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