Janda Kembang 2009

Title : Janda Kembang 2009 DVDRIP
Genre : Trailer
Produser: Fiaz Servia, Bustal Nawawi, Randy WP, M Daim Pohan, Chand Parwez Servia
Sutradara: Lakonde
Penulis: Hilman Mutasi, Away Martianto
Pemeran: Luna Maya, Ringgo Agus Rahman, Sarah Sechan, Rifat Sungkar, Joe P Project, Esa Sigit, Joshua Pandelaki, Epy Kusnandar, Edrick Tjandra, Tike Priatna Kusuma, Ramzi
Size : 500 MB
Quality : DVDRIP
Download Movie File (Indowebster)



Selasih (Luna Maya) is a newcomer in Jakarta that possesses sweet voice. Not only her sweet voice, she is also beautiful and have sexy look. Almost all the guys fall in love with Selasih after seeing her. Among the guys interested with Selasih are Fadli (Esa Sigit) and Raja (Rifat Sungkar).
After struggling with her life in Jakarta, Selasih teams up with band owner Dodirama (Ringgo Agus Rachman) as a singer. Selasih, who is beautiful, sexy and also known as hot and fresh widow later made the band very popular. As more married men are eyeing for Selasih, their wives are also getting jealous. One of the jealous wife is Dodirama’s wife Yulinada (Sarah Sechan). As the jealousy is getting worse the wives decided to chase Selasih out of her home.


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