Dated Released : 2010
Quality :DVDRip
Info :
Lihat : Trailer
Starring : Alyssa Milano, Carol Kane, Beau Bridges
Genre : Comedy | Romance
Download Files: part1part2part3 [300MB-mkv]|eu
[subtitle menyusul]


That said, all people born in pairs and a matter of time until this couple met. The problem is, the way all people are always trying to find the most appropriate partner for themselves and could be a couple who was born to be their soul mate missed. An even bigger problem is what to do after they find the right partner this.

Jesse Young (Alyssa Milano) is also experiencing similar problems. All his life, Jesse was always waiting for the right man to the point that many men who should be disappointed when trying to approach Jesse. One time, he found the man who had been his desire. The man is Ethan Reed (Christopher Gorham). Ethan is a writer desperate for a novel he wrote was always failing to enter the print process.

Starting from a desire to help awaken the spirit of Ethan, Jesse’s love in my heart began to grow. Unfortunately, not long ago, he met Troy Parker (Michael Landes), a romantic young executive. In the eyes of Jesse, Troy is the man that he has been waiting for. No need to wait too long until Jesse finally caught up in questions that had been raging in his mind. What should he do after he found this ideal man?

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