Dated Released : 24 September 2010
Quality : DVDScr
Info :
Lihat : Trailer
Starring : Patrick Fabian, Ashley Bell, Iris Bahr
Genre : Horror | Thriller
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[subtitle indo menyusul]


Living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana makes Reverend Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) completely familiar with the event, or exorcism exorcism. Marcus even often perform this ritual on people deemed to have been possessed by demons. Unfortunately, the Reverend Cotton confidence began to waver as she watched an autistic boy was killed because they were possessed by demons.

Since then, the Reverend Cotton no longer believe in the ritual. At one point the Reverend Cotton was asked to become part of a documentary that will reveal that the actual rite of exorcism is just delusion. He was then choose who is going to be the object of the documentary made by Reisen Iris (Iris Bahr) and Dave Moskowitz (Adam Grimes) is.

The choice fell on Sweetzer Louis (Louis Herthum). Louis is a resident of Louisiana who strongly believe in superstition. Louis convinced Nell (Ashley Bell), his daughter, possessed by a demon and there’s no other way than to ask for help Marcus Cotton. Louis was convinced that he was too late there will be a big catastrophe and it seems what is believed Louis was right.

Reverend Cotton began to prepare everything. He put a camera, speakers and other electronic equipment that will help prove that the ritual of expulsion is just delusion. After the ritual ended and the recording was made, the Reverend Cotton, Iris, and Dave back to the hotel where they stayed. That night, Nell suddenly appeared at the hotel where the Reverend Cotton stay and since then a series of strange events began to happen.

Reverend Cotton remains on the conviction that there is actually not an exorcism ceremony. All of that just lie. Unfortunately, it turns out that faith can not survive in the face of the fact that said another. Really, Nell was not possessed by a demon? Or even an exorcism ceremony this time was the Reverend Cotton’s last rites?

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