Date Released : 22 June 2007
Quality : DVDRip
Lihat : Trailer
Info : imdb.com/title/tt0382932
Starring : Patton Oswalt,
Genre : Animation | Comedy | Family
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Remy, a rat who has aspirations to become a cook. From the beginning, the rats of this one was unique, always interested in cooking. Like the man who fell in love with the world of cooking, he is also enthusiastic about the event on television cooking show demo. Also, reading books about cooking. One day, he realized that the taste is unique. Different from one another. But the blend of flavors that can add a food delicacy.

But definitely not your fate as a rat, the man is not willing to be his presence. Rats that are identical with the dirt it has always been the enemy. Dor .. Dor .. Dor .. shot towards him. He tried to save themselves. Not only is he in fact, the whole family eventually driven out of someone’s house and escaped by climbing ‘boat’.

In the hallway of the river, the black rat parted with his family. He was stranded in a strange place. Only the cook book that she stole from a menemainya manisia. The strange, the book contains a picture of a famous chef that can talk to him. “Look around,” suggested the chef. Finally, he took the advice. “This is the city of Paris,” he could see the Eiffel tower. A magnificent restaurant is in front of a restaurant that makes it awe-: Gusteau’s Restaurant.

Behind the window, he saw a young man who had just applied for a job as assistant cook there. The young man looked stupid and not clever in matters of taste. And indeed, when he entered the spices, all no match for a dish called soup. The rat’s cooking instincts came out.

He tried to fix what has been the young man did. He fought to save the soup taste even with great effort. The action was not that long, he was caught by the owner of the restaurant. “Catch!,” He shouted. Quickly, the boy was arrested and put in a jar. “Kill him,” ordered the boss. The young man then took him to be discharged into rivers. The desperate young man who was also surprised, when he would drop the rat into the river, small animals that it can understand the complaints. “Can I cook?” He asked. The rat shook his head.

Mice were then shows that he can memasak.Di home the boy, finally the rat figured out how he could use him to cook. How, he was in his head and pulled the hair to move the hands of the youth. He practiced hard and finally able to master the ‘wheel’. The young man serving dishes ordered. Cooking get praise. Because it can not cook, its advantages in combining a sense of making people curious. This is where problems arise eventually. The boss tried to find out who can help the young man? And the answer revealed, was a mouse hiding in the head.

One day, he finally had to come clean to her boyfriend, that the cook was not himself but a rat. The lover was so shocked and felt betrayed. He also left the young man with a temper. And … Rats were then expelled from the restaurant. “Rat is a rat,” complained the rats could not be a chef. One time, when the mice were missing from the youth, the owner of the restaurant was confronted with difficult situations. There’s a food critic to challenge him to make a special dish, and he did not know whether the ordered food, let alone with the departure of the rat cooking.

How the story goes?


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