Date Released : 21 Nopember 2008
Quality : DVDRip
Info :
Lihat : Trailer
Pemain : Tina Houtz, Sarah Thompson
Genre : Horror | Thriller
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Incessant news in the newspaper that mentioned some people disappeared without trace after accepting a job as a babysitter was not making Angie (Sarah Thompson) back. At one point Angie got a call interview to become a babysitter on a farm outside the city.

Without suspicion, Angie came to the place and pretty soon she got a job offer that. Angie task just to keep Sam (Kai Caster) for Jim (Bruce Thomas) and Violet Stanton (Kristen Dalton) out for dinner. Angie did not know that the job sound easy it would be very dangerous.

Some time after Jim and Violet go, Angie began to hear strange noises that made him fear. Angie Dinelli was then contacted the sheriff (Bill Moseley), who said that he would soon come to Angie. Unfortunately, the sheriff is not fast enough because the peneror had already entered the house.

How the fate of Angie? Will he survive?

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