Dated Released : 15 October 2010
Quality : CAM [Kualitas Masih Buruk]
Info : imdb.com/title/tt1116184
Lihat : Trailer
Starring : Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn
Genre : Documentary | Action | Comedy

[2D Version]
Download Files: part1part2part3 [350MB-mkv]|eu
Download Files: part1part2part3 [350MB-mkv]|eu
[subtitle menyusul]


Remember the insane act of the series Jackass crew? Well, now you can again enjoy their crazy act, and this time it would be more exciting again because they are presenting it in three-dimensional format, aka 3D.

Starting from a series that plays on the MTV television network between 2000 and 2002, three big screen version has been created and now, Johnny Knoxville and his team were ready to shake the theater with their mad tantrum. Different than usual, this time Jackass will be made at a location. Not on the streets as usual.

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