Date Released : 23 April 2004
Quality : DVDRip
Info :
Lihat : Trailer
Starring : Denzel Washington, Dakota F
Genre : Action | Crime | Thriller
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Man on Fire berlatarkan in Mexico City. Samuel Ramos (Marc Anthony) who tried to protect her daughter Lupita Ramos (Dakota Fanning), hired John Creasy (Denzel Washington) as a guardian.

Creasy is a former CIA member who has experienced heavy period. Creasy initially refused to become a guard. The shadow of the past about killing and chasing the victim always meet head. Lupita finally managed to restore the figure of the humanist side of Creasy, she became more open with young children. Even a swimming instructor for the Band and replace the role of parents for the lonely ribbon.

Another conflict began when Creasy deliver Lupita to audition a piano recital, Pita was abducted after the gangsters managed to stifle his own Creasy even accused as the perpetrator. Creasy then trying to save Lupita to investigate one by one actor abduction of Lupita’s diary instructions, as well as dismantle a crime syndicate that occurred at the headquarters of the state. Where in the kidnapper’s search eventually leads to even people who never previously suspected Creasy.

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