Date Released : 20 November 2009
Quality : DVDRip XviD-NeDiVx
Info :
Lihat : Trailer
Starring : Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson
Genre : Fantasy | Horror | Romance | Thriller


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The story begins with the story that will repeat year Bella, Edward has a plan to make the birthday celebration of the 18th Bella, but Bella refused all of his birthday celebration plans and would not accept any gifts. Because of the anniversary marking the 18th she was “older” than Edward year-old “17”.

When the Cullen family to plan a birthday celebration at his house, Bella finally could not refuse, prepared by a variety of gifts in the entire “family” Vampire. The party went well until the moment you open one gift Bella thin, which was accidentally injuring his hand … where all that time merubungnya Vampire ..
Almost all the Vampire hold my breath, not to mention Edward, but Jasper seems that in trouble with the “diet” it was unable to smell the blood of Bella, Jasper saw a blind reaction to some broken glass shattered and injured the hand Bella, Edward protect Bella reflex from the attacks Jasper and other family members holding Jasper hard. While holding his breath, Edward helped Bella up and ditangai dr.Cullen. Esme that motherhood and lembutpun could not hide the vampirannya by holding their breath for the sake of seeing fresh blood trickling from Bella’s arm. Only dr. Cullen who seems to be immune to the smell of blood.
After the incident, Edwards was quiet and think. Proximity to Bella Bella seemed plunged into the dark abyss and it is not good for the survival of the next Bella. By reason “for the sake of safety” Bella, Edward and family dr. Cullen has finally decided to move to LA. Edward leaves Bella, and Bella begins a nightmare in every bed night. Until many months …
In the 5th, Bella began to think a little clearer, he met his little friend Jacob Black, to expel all a bad dream and open a new chapter of his life of darkness after the departure of Edward. Bella began to smile again and his days back a bit excited.
When hiking alone into the jungle to visit the lake crescent place used to meet Edward, Bella accidentally met with Laurent, Vampire friend James who had had time to make it bleed because the “game” with the family dr.Cullen. When Laurent will finish off Bella, a group of giant wolf came to the rescue Bella, seeing that no comparable opponent, Laurent finally escaped. Bella was still shocked by what dialamainya. Weird, giant wolf was not attracted to them!
The more frantic as Jacob Black Bella’s mind is usually jovial turn into violent and unfriendly. Circumstances that make it increasingly worse, no more friends .. what’s wrong with Jacob?
Bella getting upset over a call that talk Laurent Victoria, a vampire mate James is still after him …
Until Bella finally meet again with Edward in a town in Italy, a small town, surrounded by old old buildings named Volterra, controlled by a “family” the oldest vampire named Volturi, who ruled since the time of Etruria, more than 3000 years ago ..

What exactly causes Edward to be in town the Vampire lair? And why did Bella get to Italy?..


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