Date Released : 10 April 2009
Quality : DVDRip
Info : imdb.com/title/tt1098327
Lihat : Trailer
Pemain : Justin Chatwin, Yun-Fat Chow
Genre : Action

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Since childhood, Songoku trained by his grandfather to be a fighter. But he must promise not to fight so that at school he was considered a coward by his friends. Goku also given a dragon ball with a 4 star. When Goku was going to the party with Chi Chi, Goku’s grandfather who was in the house attacked by Picollo. When Goku returned home, he found his house destroyed and his grandfather was in a state of dying. Before dying, Goku’s grandfather told Goku to meet Master Roshi
The next morning, he saw a woman enter the house who thought that Goku stole the ball 5 star property. When Goku dragon ball meperlihatkan 4 stars hers, she just believed that Goku was not the thief. And note that the woman named Bulma. They both then went to see Master Roshi. We met Master Roshi, Goku tells that his grandfather had died and menitip message that Picollo has returned. Master Roshi said that by collecting the seven dragon balls before the eclipse of the sun, they will be able to imprison Picollo back. In his journey, Goku meets with Yamcha and Chi Chi who turns out to be a fighter.

How travel Goku and friends in the face of Piccolo? Can they save Earth from the threat of Piccolo?


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