Piranha 2010 R5 2D XviD

Piranha 2010 R5 2D XviD

Language: Bahasa Indonesia |
Subtitles: N / A
Director: Alexandre Aja | IMDB
Starring: Richard Dreyfuss, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd Elisabeth Shue
Size: 700.57 MB |
Genre: Action | Horror | Thriller |

Download Files: part1part2part3 [300MB-mkv] (enterupload)
[subtitle menyusul]

Download Files: part1part2part3part4 (megaupload)

Download Files: part1part2part3part4 (enterupload)


Spring is a good time for a vacation. The lake normally be an appropriate location to spend the holidays, letting go of daily fatigue. Usually when you’re on vacation, everything can be out of control and not a few who ended up regretting what they did in the holidays. The same problem also faced by the citizens of Lake Victoria which is usually always get a lot of tourists visit during the holiday season.

Typically, Lake Victoria is always crowded in the holiday season. In a trice the number of inhabitants of a small town on the shores of this lake could rise to ten times that. Holiday season is always inconvenient for local residents, especially Sheriff Julie Forester (Elizabeth Shue), who must always be alert to avoid people from the usual problems that arise. This time there are others with Lake Victoria. Problems usually stay there but this time increases with a problem that is much more severe.

Suddenly the lake in the city was so full of human predators of fish. The victim began to fall and to convince tourists not to go near the lake is also not an easy task. Sheriff Julie had only one choice. He must destroy the man-eating fish as soon as possible or will be increasingly falling victim.

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