MACHETE (2010)

MACHETE (2010)

Dated Released : 29 April 2010
Quality : MKV scOrp
Size:400 MB TS  | Language: Russian| Subtitles: N/A
Info :
Lihat : Trailer
Director:Ethan Maniquis,
Starring : Danny Trejo – Robert De Niro  Jessica Alba
Genre : Action | Adventure | Crime | Thriller|

Download Files: part1 part2 part3 – [400MB-avi]|mf
Download Files: part1part2 part3 – [400MB-avi]|mf
Password : dnh

Make people like the Cortez Machete (Danny Trejo), whatever will she do as long as it can make money, even if that meant he had to kill. Unfortunately this time Machete victim was taken as a pawn in a conspiracy involving high-level officials in Texas.Machete Cortez is a former Mexican Federal Police who fled from his unit. Had no steady job,Machete finally willing to accept any job as long as can make money. At that moment Machete met Michael Benz (Jeff Fahey), a businessman who offered a job Machete.

CINEMA-31 : Michael McLaughlin told Machete to kill Senator (Robert De Niro) who reportedly was the corrupt politicians who hate immigrants from Mexico.With a lucrative fee, Machete is accepting this offer. When Machete had planned execution, all of a sudden there are other people who turned out to also target the lives of Machete. Apparently Machete being set up to make it appear as if there were illegal immigrants who tried to kill Senator McLauglin. Machete fortunately managed to escape and is now a fugitive minions Senator McLauglin.


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